• March 24, 2023

How Bhubaneswar Replaced Cuttack as Capital City of Odisha:Facts Behind Screen.

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Bhubaneswar : 19August 1949 Bhubaneswar Replaced Cuttack as State Capital of Odisha.

Bhubaneswar is well known as ” The City of Temples ” present in Odisha .
There was a time when Capital City of Odisha was to be Declared. Cities like Cuttack, Sambalpur, Chowdwar, Berhampur., Balasore ,Rangeilunda were in the Race. Political personalities from above cities tried their best to make their Home City as the State Capital of Odisha ,whereas Hare Krushna Mahatab wanted to Make Bhubaneswar as State Capital.

To Make Bhubaneswar as State Capital, Hare Krushna Mahatab Had to Show Supporters Numbers to pass the Decision. A Mega Rally was organized followed by a Meeting and PatitaPavan Temple of Badagada was Selected as the Safest Place.

Hare Krushna Mahatab gave the Organizing Charge to Mr. SatyaPriya Mohanty as Mr Mohanty represented as President of ” Puri Zilla Board ” at that Time. Mr Mohanty along with Special Class Contractor of Gokulananda Jena of Badagada organized the Event.

According to Previous Plans, Mr. Mahatab Reached Budheswari Railway Station (Bhubaneswar Railway Station ). Special Class Contractor Mr. Gokulananda Jena of Badagada Greeted Mr. Hare Krushna Mahatab at Budheswari Railway Station and as per the arrangements, Mr Mahatab came on Gokulananda Jena’s Bullock Cart Safari with the Rally to PatitaPavan Temple situated at Badagada.

East Bhubaneswar Residents, Bhingarpur Jamidaar Choudhury. Nilakantha Das,Choudhury Gangadhar Das, The So-Called Gandhi of Balianta Dasarathi Mohanty ,Mahadev Mohanty, Jaya Krushna sahoo, and Gokulananda Jena with Surendra Sundaray from Badagada Village were Present in the Organized Meeting.

Mr Hare Krushna Mahatab Presided the First Meeting with a Proposal to Make Bhubaneswar as Capital City of Odisha which is also Well Known as “City of Temples ”

After giving the Proposal, Mr. Mahatab requested everyone to Support the Decision for making Bhubaneswar as Capital City.
Everyone Promised infront of Lord PatitaPavan as wittness. Everyone Present in Meeting Supported with a United Voice towards making Bhubaneswar as the Capital City of Odisha. The Meeting was finally Closed after the Cooked Prasad. of Lord PatitaPavan, Rice Dalma and Khata was served and the Foundation of Bhubaneswar as the Capital City of Odisha was finally Put .

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