• January 30, 2023

Daylight Robbery In Bhubaneswar: Jewellery Shop Looted, Shots Fired Near Police Out-Post

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Two bike-borne armed miscreants looted a jewellery shop by firing blank shots near Janla police out-post, on the outskirts of Bhubaneswar on Wednesday.

The miscreants fired shots while trying to flee from the spot.

As per reports, the miscreants also fired at the shopkeeper, identified as Kaviraj Subudhi, who tried to stop them from fleeing. However, the bullet missed him by few millimetres and he escaped unhurt.

Subudhi told the reporters, “There were no customers in the shop at that time except myself and my assistant. The miscreants stormed into my shop and sprayed some chemical on my face before pocketing four gold necklaces and other jewellery. While my assistant ran away for cover after seeing one of them with a gun, I blew a siren I had kept near me.”

He said hearing the sound of the siren, neighbours came rushing in following which the miscreants fired blank shots and tried to flee from the spot on the bike they came with. “However, the bike did not start and they hijacked another bike from a delivery boy by pointing a gun at him. They then made good their escape by abandoning their bike,” Subudhi said.

It is worthwhile to mention that the three-tier Panchayat polls were recently concluded and the State is getting ready to host the Urban local body polls on March 24.

Nevertheless, the fact that the miscreants could muster so much courage to stage a day-light loot at a busy market place, not far from a police out-post, raises many questions on the intelligence and the effectiveness of the police in ridding the streets of crime.

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