• July 5, 2022

The road from darkness to light is “Janmastami”.

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Parambraham Sri Krishna Avatari has arranged for men to remove the darkness of sin from the earth and give it to the great people of religion. By destroying sin by destroying sin by playing with man. Born in the form of Krishna in Dwapar, he destroyed the Kansa and played a major role in the establishment of the Dharma Kingdom. The one who destroys all cruelty is Krishna. On the eighth day of Lord Vishnu Bhadrava Krishnapaksha, Lord Vishnu worshiped Basudev and Devaki in the form of Lord Krishna to prevent the unbearable persecution of the evil Kansa. This date is known as Janmasthami.
All his life, Lord Krishna has called for the establishment of Dharma, destroying sin and sinners. He has fought for the destruction of iniquity. Fighting against the monarchy to strengthen the social status quo. From an early age, he served in the cause of religion, from the Kaliyadalan to the death of Kansar. Janmasthami is a great Ashtami. In order to face the truth, one must feel the greatness of such a holy day. Krishna must be invoked by destroying all cruelty.

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