• July 5, 2022

Ayodhya Sangharsh and Ashok Singhal…The Man Behind Sri Ram Temple

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Hanuman of Ayodhya movement, who fought for Sri Ram till his last breath, the temple will be built, but will lack Singhal in this historical moment ??
Leading army of Ayodhya struggle, who laid the foundation of his life for the construction of Sri Ram temple?
The lack of Ashok ji makes me wonder in this moment, even if I write a thousand posts on Ashok ji’s struggle, it is less than this just understand that this Hanuman was the Ayodhya movement of struggle !!
Without Ashok Ji Singhal, all the chapters of Ayodhya were incomplete .

Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Singhal ji was the backbone of the Ayodhya movement, fighting for the temple of Sri Ram till his last breath !!
And a few years before the success of the fierce struggle, Ram Ji called his Bajrangi to himself, Ashok ji is not in his body, but his soul will be cleaning the stones of temple construction even today, picking up the silo and keeping it near the foundation !!
Without temple construction, Ashok Singhal ji cannot die, he is still alive, listen to the sound of temple building stones, Ashok ji is still there.

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